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Clearwater MN 55320

1601 195th St. E. Clearwater MN 55320 (next to AJ Acres Campground)
Crossfire is centrally located, with over 50 acres of trees, 30 of which are dedicated to only airsoft . Our field hosts the largest outdoor CQB field in the state.  If you like forest, we have that too, from open pine to thick brush.  There are 5 different fields, each building on the other to offer a wide verity of game types. 
From I94, we're only a short 35 min. drive north from the Twin Cities.
From Hwy 10, turn at the Clear Lake exit on to CR 24 then go 5 miles to Clearwater.


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You can also contact us by phone at

320-253-5630 talk/text

Sioux Falls SD 57104

201 N. Harlem Ave. (Drive though the parking lot, around the construction company. - WE ARE IN THE WOODS
Basically 1 block behind Thunder Road, just off Kiwanis and West 9th Street
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