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All Players must fill out a Waiver before being allowed to play. 

** IMPORTANT **  "Are you with a group that has a reservation?" - Click YES and choose what event you are attending. Ex: 5/9 Airsoft Open Play ** 




Age of Players:

10 - 13, parent or Guardian must be present.

14 - 17, Parental consent is required.


Zero Tolerance

We have a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to unsafe or illegal actions. Breaking a zero-tolerance rule will have you banned from future events and in most cases, will result in local law enforcement being called in.

   Please see the below list:

  • Illegal drugs of any kind.

  • Alcohol consumption before or during games/events.

  • Theft.

  • Damage to the field (graffiti, littering, etc.)

  • Aggressive physical contact with another player.

  • Disrespect of any kind towards other players, field/event staff.

  • No real firearms in staging or on the field


General Safety

  • Gun cases (or the original box) must be used to transport your Airsoft Gun.

  • Do not point an Airsoft gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

  • Do no discharge an Airsoft Gun in any location other than designated shooting areas (ie: On the Field, Chrono Station, Shooting Range)

  • Keep your finger OFF the trigger & trigger guard until you are On the Field, ready to shoot.

  • Keep the magazine out of your Airsoft Gun until you are on the field, ready to shoot.

  • Lasers are NOT allowed to be used.

  • Riot Shields are NOT allowed to be used. (Unless it is game specific.)


Safe Zone

 Safe Zone locations are defined as areas that are NOT in-play (i.e.: staging area, etc.)

  • No magazines in pistols, AEGs or Rifles.

  • Weapon on safe. This includes all, airsoft replicas.

  • Barrel Blocking Device must be used at all times while in the Safe Zone.

  • Pistols must be holstered.

  • Weapons being carried must be pointed at the ground or up into the air at all times.

  • Shooting inside a Safe Zone is strictly forbidden.

  • Magazines must be removed, weapons cleared and then placed on “safe” and Barrel Blocking Device added before entering a Safe Zone.


On the Field

  • On the Field locations are defined as areas that are considered in-play.

  • Forbidden: Blind Fire – Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at. The most common form of this is sticking your gun over or around cover and firing without looking at where you are shooting. You may not shoot through cracks of a fence or boxes. If you head can’t fit through it don’t shoot though it.

  • Forbidden: Hosing – Unnecessarily long sustained bursts of more than 15-20 rounds at a time. Even for support weapons this is not allowed. Short controlled bursts should be used to allow opponents to call themselves out.

  • Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit. All players are permitted three steps to get out of the line of fire when medics are in play. Otherwise find a fire free way back to respawn

  • Do not climb on buildings, vehicles, trees, deer stands, or anything else.

  •   Do not shoot at any animals on the field. Deer, Rabbit, Turkey, Birds ectara.


Eye Protection

Should your goggles not meet the below standards, you will not be able to use them in-game:

  • Full-Seal goggles ONLY.  No shooting glasses, shop glasses, wire mesh glasses, etc.

  • A “Full Seal” consists of a rubber or foam seal that conforms to the features of the player’s face.

  • Full Seal Glasses with rubber or foam are required to have a strap on the back.

  • ANSI Z87.1 (or higher) Rated lenses.

  • Adults (18 and over): Full-face protection is recommended.

  • Minors (17 and under): Full-face protection is required (ie. a Paintball Mask).

  • “Full Face Protection” is defined as a rigid metal or plastic mask which covers cheeks, chin, nose and mouth.

Game control reserves the right to:

Refs can inspect a player's eye & face protection at will.

Refs can ask for a photo ID as proof of age.


Red “Dead” Rags

A Red Dead Rag is any cloth material no smaller than 12-inches by 12-inches in size. Red Dead Rags symbolize that a player is not in play and is to be treated as if they are not alive. Once a player is out of play (hit, observing, etc.), they are to immediately secure a Red Dead Rag on their head or hold one over their head, to symbolize that they are not a target/objective.



 Please observe the follow rules of conduct for hits:

  • Any direct hit to any part of the body/gear counts.

  • Friendly fire counts! Team kills are still kills.

  • If two players fire simultaneously and both are hit, BOTH players are out, not the player who says “hit” first.

  • Gun hits Do Not count (this may change per event)

  • Ricochets off hard cover fired from a shower grenade, claymore mine or other “booby trap” Do count as a hit in order to simulate flying shrapnel.

  • Ricochets from Pistols, Shotguns, SMG/PCCs, Rifles, LMGs, and Snipers Do Not count. But just because you think it is a ricochet does not mean it is. (Please make sure it is not a player shooting from behind.)

  • Getting shot through brush counts as a hit (in order to simulate bullets making their way through. Brush provides concealment, not cover.)

  • When hit, immediately cry out “Hit!” as loud as you can and place your red dead rag in a visible area. If you have lost your red rag, raise your hand or gun. (This will hopefully prevent you from being shot a second time.)

  • Do Not call players out on the opposite team

  • If you see a player, get hit on your team, but he doesn’t feel it, let him know.

  • Dead men Do Not talk, give away positions or do anything other than lie dead or walk back to respawn.

  • You may not throw bb’s at another player and count that as a kill.

  • Any rubber melee hit counts as a kill. Melee weapons must be of a soft rubber or foam (nerf) construction and are only permitted to tap kill or to be underhand tossed and not thrown. No stabbing, thrusting or chopping.


Bang Kill/Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)

  • When within 10 feet, you must audibly say "Bang Bang or Bang Kill" to kill an enemy player.

  • In order to "bang kill," your gun must be pointed at the player’s “Center Mass” the entire time "bang kill" or “bang bang” is said. (If you cannot see a majority of the opposing player’s body, get into a better position, bang kills on hands and feet are likely to not be heard/ understood.)

  • You can shoot Pistols, Shotguns, and “Allowed SMG/PCCs” within the 10-foot MED. (if your weapon falls under Chrono Restriction “1” you qualify.)

  • LMGs and Snipers cannot be used to "bang kill."

Chrono Restrictions (MED = Minimum Engagement Distance)

No MED for Pistols/Shotguns/SMG/PCCs Chronos at 280 FPS (1.09J) MAX with .30g BBs.

10' MED with AEG Rifles/SMGs Chronos at 328 FPS (1.50J) MAX with .30g BBs. Semi-auto only unless otherwise specified.

50' MED with LMG Chronos at 328 FPS (1.50J) MAX with .30g BBs. Full auto is allowed at 25 rounds-per-second MAX. LMGs must use Box/Drum magazines. LMGs are any real world LMG/HMG replicas. (a Box or Drum mag on a Rifle, SMG/PCCs, etc. does not count as a LMG)

100' MED with Sniper rifles Chronos at 405 FPS (2.29J) MAX with .30g BBs. Sniper rifles are bolt actions only.  (if it is not bolt action, and can go into semi, it is an AEG)

HPA (High Pressure Air)

HPA tapped guns fall under the above Chrono Restrictions.

If the pistol is in a conversion kit or has a stock, it falls under the SMG/PCCs category, choose which MED you want to play with and your regulator will be locked at that setting.

Rockets, Mines, Grenades, & Launchers

Rockets are NOT allowed during Open Play games.

Mines are NOT allowed during Open Play games.


  • No de-milled grenades

  • Only wire pull smoke grenades are allowed on the field. (NO homemade smokes)

  • Only EG-67 Pyrotechnic grenades are permitted

  • Defined as: Commercially produced Rubber, foam or gas grenades designed for field use.

  • BB Carriers, pinecones, rocks, or dummy grenades, Do Not have any effects.

  • Ricochets off hard cover fired from a shower grenade, claymore mine or other “booby trap” Do count as a hit in order to simulate flying shrapnel.

  • Sound only (banger) grenades have a 10ft kill radius for infantry. If thrown into a building, everyone in the room is dead, (Unless there is hard cover between the grenade and the player.)

  • DO NOT throw grenades over building walls. You CAN throw grenades over fences, shelves, etc.

  • Grenades are a 1-time-use weapon per mission set and are considered ‘Spent’ once they have been used.


  • If you find a grenade in the field, do not pick it up, talk to the event staff.


BB Weight 

  • No .12gram BBs allowed –


  • .20g -.32g are allowed in AEG's, etc. 

  • Up to .46g are allowed in Snipers


Blind Man

Blind Man should be called to halt game play when:

  • A player loses his/her eye protection.

  • Anyone (player or non-players) is seen on the field without eye protection.

  • In the event of a serious injury or other medical emergency.

Any player observing any of the above cases is authorized to initiate a Blind Man call. Upon hearing the call, other players should immediately repeat the call and wave their red rags above their head to signal a halt in game play. All players must immediately halt play, sit on the ground, and put their replicas on SAFE. Players will wait until “Game On” is called by Game Control to resume play or until further instructions are given.


Bang-Bang / Safety Kill

If you manage to sneak up on a player or a group of players, have a clear shot and are at a distance of 10 feet or less, point your weapon at the opposing player and yell out “Bang Bang or Bang Kill” for EACH player you are attempting to kill (this prevents 1 player from taking out an entire squad by just yelling “Bang Bang” once). When you call “Bang Bang”, follow up with a short description of the player they are calling out in order to avoid confusion. Again, this is a safety measure and not to be used as a defensive or offensive tactic.



If two or more opposing players become aware of each other at a distance under 20 feet, they should call “parlay” and back off to a safe distance. This is to be used as a safety measure only, and not as a defensive or offensive tactic.

Lost / Found

Crossfire is not responsible for lost or stolen property. MARK YOUR GEAR!

Please contact the staff immediately if you are missing something.

Crossfire will only hold found items for 30 days.

* This list of rules may be amended and added to at any point by Crossfire Airsoft

Getting Here

As of  April 2020, we test all BBs in
Joules with a .30 BB.

Yellow is SMG/PCC Class

Green is  Rifleman and Saw class. (the normal AEG/HPA range for most Airsoft replicas)

BLUE is  for bolt action Sniper replicas.

RED is over the limit for all guns. 

See rules for details and requirements for these classes. 

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