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Crossfire Airsoft Sniper challenge

Sponsored by Airsoft Station

Dates: June 1st, 2019 through July 31st, 2019.


Cost: $15 per person


This will be the first airsoft Sniper event at Crossfire Airsoft and if all goes well, it will not be the last.


For this event you will need your own Sniper rifle. What we are considering as a sniper rifle for this event is an non-DMR semi-auto only rifle. If it is use in real life as a sniper rife, you can use in the challenge. Which means no AEG with a semi lock on them. We will be allowing SVDs for this event. Your gun must fall within our field limits for Sniper rifles which is 500fps with a .20 BB. We will be providing you with .40 BBs for you shoot with. All participants will be provided with a number of BBs to adjust their guns for .40 BBs.


How the event works!

  • You will be able to shoot up to 5 different times between June 1st and July 31st. We will count the 3 best scores you have and toss the other two. When you are shooting, you will be shooting at targets we have provided. 

  • You are allowed 5 practice shots followed by 5 shots for points, so make them count.

  • You will only be able to shoot on days the field is open and times we have set aside for players to shoot. (Please contact us to schedule your shooting time.)

  • There will be 3 targets placed from 200 ft 225ft 275ft out. With the 275 ft offering the most the points.


-200ft: 1 point for hitting the targets.

1 point for outer most ring hit

2 points for middle ring hit

3 points for Bullseye hit


-225ft: 1 point for hitting the target

3 points for outer most ring hit

4 points for middle ring hit

5 points for Bullseye hit

-275ft: 2 points for hitting the target

3 points for outer most ring hit

4 points for middle ring hit

6 points for Bullseye hit


At the end of the 2 months we will announce the winners and get them their prizes when they come out to the field. Prizes will be announced closer to the event.

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