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Thank you for your interest in the Spring-Tek, AEG spring potential analyzer. By purchasing a Spring-Tek you are supporting not one, but many players in this sport/hobby of Airsofting. All the profit from sales will go to the Crossfire Airsoft field improvements.  So players in the Upper Midwest can enjoy their hobby.


The Problem:

The Spring-Tek was created out of frustration. Countless times I’ve needed to change the FPS in a Airsoft gun, by replace the piston  spring. Only to have the new spring produce FPS the same or nearly the same as the one I’m replacing.  There is no way to pretest the spring. I thought there had to be a better way.


The Solution:

Now, with a tool like the Spring-Tek, Airsoft Tech's will save hours working on guns. With the AEG Spring potential analyzer, you now can pretest the spring before you replace it.  This will give you a better idea what FPS the spring will potently do.  Saving you time and frustration.  And, as an added bonus, the box of unknown springs you have lying around, can now be put to good use. Now, you know their potential strength. No more guessing.


The Spring-Tek will be available at your local airsoft shop. If you don't see it,  have them contact us. We'll be happy to bring them on board.

More Information:

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